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Payroll Affiliates

One of the benefits of our Affiliated Payroll Service Programs is for business owners to conserve cash flow and keep workers compensation insurance affordable. These programs often don't require a large down payment or year end audit & adjustment as premiums are calculated during each individual pay period rather than by estimates. There are a myriad of carriers offering this specialized service, and selecting the right one can be a challenge.

Our restaurant insurance expert Nick DeSantis will not only provide helpful tools, experience and resources to help match to the appropriate coverage at the best price, he will actually do the shopping for you. Give Nick a call today to find out more about Payroll Affiliates Service from Caton Hosey Insurance. 

Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability Insurance is a type of Business Insurance that protects you in the event of patrons becoming intoxicated resulting in a claim for dameges. Any Restaurant selling alcoholic beveravges is highly recommended to have this coverage.

Employment Practices Liability

If you have employees, you immediately have a certain amount of risk. You work hard to provide the best possible opportunities for your employee. Although you struggle to provide the best possible work environment, it is common for employees to feel mistreated or betrayed somewhere along the way.

When this happens, many times a lawsuit will follow. Lawsuit abuse against employers is rampant, and its more critical now then ever for responsible managers to obtain Employment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, from Caton Hosey Insurance of Port Orange, FL.

EPLI can cover all aspects of your employee/employer relationship, from prospective employees to previous ones. Common causes for lawsuits include wrongful termination, sexual harassment, promotion overlooking, wrongful termination and many others. Building a business isn't easy. Protect what you have worked hard to build with Employee Practices Liability Insurance through Caton Hosey Insurance. Our Agents are standing by to offer you a free quote with no obligation. 


What is your most valuable asset? Most would say their home or 401(k). Others might say their business, investment accounts, a piece of art or a collector car. The fact is you were able to obtain all of these objects through your work. What if you couldn't work? What is the value of your work between now and your retirement?

For just about everybody, the most valuable asset you have is your ability to work. So what if you got hurt? Most of us understand the value of carrying life insurance, however you are significantly more likely to become injured then to die before age 65. How can you protect yourself from this significant risk? With disability insurance through Caton Hosey Insurance of Port Orange.

There are many different types of disability insurance, in fact no two policies are alike! Depending on your occupation, you may need to deal with a particular set of carriers. For instance, did you know there is coverage that will still pay even if you work in another occupation besides your own? Or that some coverages can pay tax-free* benefits to individuals who purchase their own coverage to help with everyday bills?

Get the answers to your disability insurance questions by speaking to a knowledgeable agent at Caton Hosey Insurance. We have been serving the Port Orange and surrounding community since 1948, and would love to earn your insurance business, too.  

Commercial Auto & Truck

If your business utilizes an employees car part time for sales, or manages a fleet of road-going trucks and/or construction equipment, you need commercial auto insurance from

Commercial Automotive insurance protects not just the driver and vehicle, but also your business, pedestrians and other motorists. The specific use of your commercial vehicles will be important in determining the right policy type and coverage limits. Regular personal car insurance is often not sufficient to cover a potential financial loss when a vehicle is used commercially.

Since 1948 Caton Hosey Insurance has been right here in Port Orange, serving the commercial auto and truck insurance needs of Greater Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. We can access multiple carriers to get you the best possible quote, and know what questions to ask so that you qualify for all applicable discounts. Don't take a chance when it comes to your commercial vehicle insurance, talk to the experts at Caton Hosey Insurance today. 

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